The CCF Cottage Needs an Extreme Makeover!
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From July to December of 2021, we're fundraising $75,000 to renovate the cottage located at the back of our property! The cottage, which houses our male interns, is around 100 years old; it is in need of a major renovation! You can invest in the future male interns of our ministry by giving towards this cause! Scroll down to read more about the project and to view our giving options!

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We have a couple of tiers of giving, denoted by building materials. Give $50 and buy a brick to fill in the wall. Feeling more generous? $250 buys a cinder block for the foundation. Want to give more? Buy one of our four windows for $750, help repair the roof for $1,000, or buy the front door for $2,500! We'll put your name on the real life printout of the image posted below as we watch the Cottage get transformed, brick by brick, block by block!

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