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Help us Pump Up our Monthly Operating Fund!
Last Summer, we asked you to help us fund our cottage renovation! Thanks to you, we raised over $85,000, and we should finish the renovation this Summer! Woohoo (follow progress on the renovation through our social media)!
This year, our project isn’t quite as big or glamorous, but we’re going to make it fun! Arguably, it is the most important fundraiser we’ve done in years. We’re calling this year’s fundraiser "Pump It Up!" and our goal is to get everyone we can to pump up their monthly giving just a little to fully reach our Operating Fund goals. Our goal is to increase monthly giving by $2,500, which sounds like a lot, but every dollar helps us make CCF a Home away from Home for college students in Athens. 
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Since giving towards our operating fund lacks the excitement of a cottage fundraiser, we've decided to spice things up with some fun giving incentives! You can receive these incentives by increasing your total monthly giving. An increase of $10 or more a month earns you a CCF koozie! $15 or more a month earns you a pint glass, $25 earns you a mug, and so on and so forth. To learn about all of the incentives as well as how you can earn them, check out the graphic below!
pump it up insert.png

We've Made Giving Simple!

You have three options. Use the left button to set up one time or monthly giving through PayPal. Use the middle button to download a printable electronic funds transfer form (EFT,) fill it out, then mail it to us at 1080 S. Milledge Ave. Also, you can scan the QR code on the right to give through our Venmo or find us @ugaccf.

Donate through PayPal

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Venmo us: @ugaccf

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