Weekly Events

Dinner and a Message

Every Thursday night during the school year we meet at the Campus House (1080 S Milledge Ave.) for a free meal from a local church and then have a worship service complete with music from our praise band, skits and videos from our creative team, and a talk from one of our staff members. Join us afterwards for Frisbee, games, frozen yogurt, or some other fun activity! Dinner is at 6:45 and Worship starts at 7:30! 

Check out our YouTube Channel below for some videos from when we went all digital this past Spring!


Fat Mondays

Join us at noon every Monday all around campus for a free meal! From the Main Library on north campus to D.W. Brooks mall on south campus. Make sure to

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Keep up with us on YouTube!

Looking for online campus ministry over the summer? HOT DIGITY DAAM (Our summer version of Dinner and a Message) goes up every Thursday on our YouTube channel!

Our Dinner and a Messages went online in March! We couldn't see each other in person, but now we can go back and watch them again!

Year End Streaming Soirée


Click here to check out our YouTube Channel

Hot DaaM

1080 S. Milledge Ave. Athens, GA 30605

706-548-9625  office.ugaccf@gmail.com

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